“We are going to involve inhabitants in public works”: Menchaca

Hidalgo.- Julio Menchaca Salazar candidate of Morena and allies for the governorship of the state of Hidalgo proposed to involve residents to improve the communication routes to the communities and the lag in infrastructure that they present. This was considered by the candidate when participating in the second debate organized by the State Electoral Institute of Hidalgo (IEEH), which debated the concerns of citizens in terms of public works, education and other issues. In his message he recalled that in Hidalgo there are 4,900 kilometers of unpaved roads, product of the abandonment and neglect of past administrations, so he reiterated the need to create communication routes so that the opportunity is within the reach of the communities. ” As the federal government is doing in other regions, we are going to call for the participation of the inhabitants using materials from the region, lowering costs,” Menchaca said during the second debate of the IEEH. Read more: Carolina Viggiano candidate of “Va por Hidalgo” did not declare a mansion of 40 million pesos in CDXMWith this “transformation”, Julio Menchaca assured, the lives of the people of Hidalgo will be improved and changed, as have the priority works of the federal government such as the refinery and the new airport. Whale Watching Attracts Visitors to Topolobampo, Sinaloa

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