Jorge Lanata: “This may end with Macri and Cristina in 2023”

Journalist of radio, TV and graphic media, researcher, writer and reference for all those who work in the press of our country. Today in Black Box: Jorge Lanata.Is it a character? “I’m 99% similar to what I look like. It would take me too much effort to be another. The older I get, it’s more me. For me it is very important to gain freedom and I try to make that happen progressively.  I am still not absolutely free. I would be much worse than I am. It would be a disaster. Once on my team they laughed because I said, ‘I’m sick of being prudent.’ And they looked at me as if to say, ‘Son of a bitch!'” At the age of 55 he learned that he was adopted and was not curious enough to start researching his origins: “I don’t need to know where I come from. I go, I don’t come. I’m a big guy. I don’t have a personality problem. For me it would have been easy to find out, I could have talked to the mayor of Mar del Plata or the governor of Buenos Aires, whoever it was, K or not K, it doesn’t matter. They would have told me, they would have given me the files of the Hospital of Mar del Plata, I would have looked on the date. I could have. It didn’t make sense.”

He considers that Página 12 was a good product that he created: “I had the irreverence to think that I knew how to make a diary. Necessary irreverence, because perhaps otherwise I would not have done it. I don’t know if it was my best product because I later dedicated myself a lot. There are moments of “D life” or “PPT” that I liked. The climate of some books I wrote… I like them and I can’t tell you that I’m just there. It was a lot of fun to do Page. It was very adrenalin and a lot of fun.” I am a left-liberal. I am a liberal because I believe in the individual versus the state. And I’m from the left because I look around and this is not right. Página was a left-liberal newspaper. It was that. Now you tell me, Am I the same as at 26? Thank God no, because if I hadn’t lived farting, I’m 61. Obviously I’m different. I think I’m smarter today than before,” he said. Regarding his television programs that made (and continue to make) history, Julio highlighted D-Day and PPT. On that, Lanata highlighted a special moment in his career: “When I was a kid… I remember the end of Rolando Ribas, who was the whole city stopped just because of that. I had never seen that in my life. And then I didn’t see him again. The only time I saw the city stopped was with the K money route. When it was the note with Fariña. That afternoon the city was stopped. I don’t know how to explain this well to you in words, but it’s something that was felt in the air. Well, that day we made 32 points with a journalistic program. I don’t put mines in balls or jump bagged with a journalistic program. It was a delirium.” The journalist acknowledged that it is difficult for him to “be well”: “I think it must have to do with things from childhood… When I was a kid, all the time my mom was going to be cured. And he was never cured. I never celebrated birthdays. That’s why I hate birthdays and parties. Why didn’t we celebrate birthdays?: ‘Because when your mom is better we’re going to celebrate’. I think that sidelined me a lot. Life was on pause.”

Today he decides to face life in a different way: “I need to do a couple of fiction books, but I have to be calm. I imagine I’m going to have time to do it. I’m very hooked on the documentaries we’re making. I never speak well of what I do, but they are good. Season one of “Hache”, which is going to be released this year is very good and the two of us are now working on that and it will be fine too. We don’t make typical documentaries either. It’s something else. We’re looking around.  In that sense, for me, open television is no longer a place to look. Today, for me, open TV is more of a laburo. My idea is to continue with “PPT” until the 23rd and then lift, but because we are in the wake of the open TV. The idea is to make only documentaries afterwards, to stream.” When you are a boy, you pursue and pursue. At night you chase. The only thing that at night is to chase, you pursue nothingness finally.  You chase. Over the years, you stop chasing and realize that it’s about (this seems like a phrase made, but I swear it’s not) that it’s about finding, not searching. I did everything. I drugged myself ten years hard and even and then quit. It also had to do with the drug of the time, right? The market in Menem’s time was the drug of the time. And it was the productivity drug too. I never took socially. I took it the worst way you can take it, which is alone. I mean, it’s much more distressing. It’s not that I took it as a plan and it was still an experience that I don’t regret and it was very interesting. It made me think a lot of things. It was very interesting.” Of that moment, he recalled: “That coincided with a moment of a lot of exposure on TV. It greatly increased my paranoia at the time. The fear of being denounced. Until one day I realized that I could stand on the screen and explain to people why I was drinking. And there I lost my fear.  I knew people were going to understand, they weren’t going to condemn me, they weren’t going to say anything.” I had more musician friends than journalists. I was very close friends with Fito, I am still friends with Andrés Calamaro and I am friends with Chano.” His friendship with Fito Paez was separated by “the political scene”. On Chano, he said: “I want it. He’s a good guy and has a hard time getting out of where he is. I was in the same place. Until you understand that you have to go out, you’re not going to go out. The father can come and advise you that you are not going to give him a ball, you have to drop the token to you. First you think you can handle it, then you realize that you can’t, but the one who has to say enough, is over, it’s you. If you don’t say it’s over, everything else is the fart.”

Lanata talked about how the token fell to him: “Lola was born. Sara helped me a lot. I went to Harvard Medical School with Sarah. The detox of cocaine is relatively brief. That’s amazing, because it’s more psychological addiction than physical addiction. Cocaine detox lasts 15 days. And I can’t even think of taking. But it doesn’t even occur to me at all. But you have to drop the tab to you. You have to think about it. You have to carry it forward if it is not to the fart. That is why compulsive hospitalization does not exist. It doesn’t work. Farms are a lie. All that has to drop the tab.” Returning to his professional career, Julio asked him about the criticism he received regarding the fact that during Kirchernism he took out reports all the time and that during Macrismo he did not: “Well we took it out to Quintana, for example. First, the level of afano between one government and the other was quite different. I did not find Vidal, Larreta and Macri counting guita in La Rosadita. I found the sons of Lazarus. When we had material, we made it known.  There is a type of reasoning that is very k, maybe it is very Argentine, it is not just K, but it is like to justify something you have to say something bad about the other.” Looking ahead to the next election year, Lanata was asked by Macri and Cristina Fernández de Kirchner: “Macri crepe that he was shit. I think he wants revenge now, even if he says no. Cristina (I say this with respect, because at some point I spoke very badly of her and told her any barbarity and then I regretted it) does not seem to me a very balanced person in her way of thinking. She is a political leader, no doubt. He’s smart, he’s a strategist, he knows what he’s doing. Nor is it infallible. Whenever he chose candidates, he chose badly. No? he chose Boudou. He chose Alberto as well. It’s like he also messes up a lot choosing, right? It is the antithesis of Nestor. Cristina is very wrong and thinks an Argentina back, that Argentina is no more.” To highlight something positive about Macri, he declared: “He overcame his own history. He had a very complicated relationship with Franco. All the while I tried to prove to him that it was something he finally was. But it seems to me that perhaps the best thing has been that, that he overcame himself.” By 2023 “it may end in Macri/Cristina”: “There may be an election more similar to that of Néstor when he gets 20%. It’s all very fragmented. Milei’s appearance is important. There could be a Cristina with the twenty-five, Milei with the twenty-five and someone, Manes or Mauricio with the other 20-odd and there … right?” Regarding the questions he received for having invited Mauricio Macri to his wedding, he replied: “I am 61 years old… I invite to my party whoever fucks I can think of. Why don’t they shut their mouths and stop breaking my eggs? At one point I was so psychotized with that that I said, ‘Well, I invite you to Massa.’ I’ve known him for 30 years, like most politicians. I get along well with Sergio, does that mean I’m going to vote for him? Nor does it mean that I will vote for Macri. Macri came because Macri came. I don’t know anything. I have nothing to explain. Macri came. Period.” She talked about her marriage and maintained that she got married “because she loves Elba”: She is divine, she is very intelligent. He graduated free from law school. He didn’t have a handle and he gathered where he could get the photocopy and gave the free run. She is a very good lawyer, she is very solid technically in a profession in which there is a lot of blackmail. She’s cute, she’s a ball fan, she’s affectionate. I’m 60, getting married at this age is good, in a way it’s saying to myself, ‘I have a future.'” If we go to the black box of life, he told the moment that turned him into Jorge Lanata: “When we were about to take out Page 12 … I sentI was under the water, pulled my head out and felt the drops running down my face. Able was there.” Towards the end of the interview the black box opens. An unexpected challenge begins. Week after week a figure will submit to the living room to dialogue and reflect. And you, do you dare to remember what moment made a click in your life?

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