Covid-19: there was a 92% increase in cases in the country

The Ministry of Health reported a number of 33,989 new cases and 47 deaths in the past week. This represents an increase of 92.61% of infections compared to last Sunday (17,646). In this way, the number of infected people amounted to 9,135,308, while the death toll rose to 128,776.In just one month, infections went from 8387 to 33,989, which meant an increase of 305.25% since April 17, the date on which the Ministry of Health began to distribute the weekly reports. There are 300 inmates with coronavirus in intensive care units, as indicated by the health portfolio. In addition, a percentage of 41.2% in relation to the occupation of adult beds in the public and private sector, for all pathologies. In the last week 33 people died in Buenos Aires, 6 in the City of Buenos Aires, 1 in Mendoza, 2 in Neuquén, 1 in Río Negro, 1 in Salta, and 3 in Santa Fe.Finally, according to the Public Vaccination Monitor, the total doses applied amounted to 100,541,379, of which 40,751,319 received one dose, 37,376,514 both, 3,026,233 an additional and 19,387,313 a reinforcement. Vaccines distributed to jurisdictions reached 107,524,140 and those donated to 5,083,000.

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