San Juan vs CABA for transport subsidies, Racing delivered for the first time a non-binary partner card, Rodrigo de Paul’s message to Tini Stoessel and more…

1. San Juan vs CABA for transport subsidies

The governor of San Juan, Sergio Uñac, will present through his legislators a project in Congress so that transport funds are equitably distributed between the provinces and the City of Buenos Aires. I kept reading here… 2. Katopodis: “This is not the time to think about elections”

The Minister of Public Works tries to lower the internal tension in the Frente de Todos and calls for a debate focused on strengthening the coalition. I kept reading here… 3. Around 280 daily deaths from cardiovascular disease are estimated

In our country, cardiological diseases are the main cause of death. Preventing and detecting them in time, as well as rehabilitation after a cardiovascular event, are key to a better quality of life. I kept reading here… 4. 83% of Argentines are internet users and dedicate an average of 9 hours a day

83% of the people who reside in Argentina are internet users and dedicate an average of 9 hours, about 120 minutes more than the world average, according to a report published on the occasion of the day of the “network of networks” that is commemorated today around the world, at a time when video games are gaining ground, cryptocurrencies and e-commerce. I kept reading here… 5. What you need to know about the 3 R’s of ecology: reduce, reuse and recycle

These three concepts are a great guide to lead a more responsible life with the environment: reduce consumption to reduce the impact, squeeze the maximum useful life of each product and save energy and raw material through recycling. I kept reading here… 6. Racing handed over a non-binary membership card for the first time

The “Academy” is the second institution of Argentine football to carry out this initiative, since, previously, Vélez Sarsfield had done it. I kept reading here… 7. Barbie Unveils Her First Hearing Aid Doll: “Understanding and Celebrating the Importance of Diversity”

In 1999 they launched a model of “Sign Language”, now the global director, Lisa McKnight, proposed a new doll and assured that it will contribute to children to “see themselves reflected”. I kept reading here… 8. Mau & Ricky’s snub with LAM and Ricardo Montaner’s anger in networks

The artists were giving a note at the Martín Fierro gala when they got angry with a question and their father came out to redouble the bet on social networks. I kept reading here… 9. Rodrigo de Paul’s message to Tini Stoessel on social media

While neither party officially spoke of a relationship, the displays of affection on social media are already visible. I kept reading here…

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