New environmental alert in the Metropolitan region: What restrictions are there for this Wednesday?

The Presidential Delegation of the Metropolitan Region (RM) decreed for this Wednesday a new environmental alert in the RM. The measure includes a series of restrictions to prevent air quality from worsening.
“The ventilation conditions in the Santiago basin are maintained, so preventive early warning is declared for this Wednesday,” the Delegation said on its Twitter account.
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The ventilation conditions in the Stgo basin are maintained, so preventive Early Warning is declared for this Wednesday 18/05 in the MRI.
Forbidden wood heaters in the Prov.Stgo + P.Alto and S.Bdo
Prohibited agricultural burning
— Metropolitan Regional Presidential Delegation (@DPR_RM) May 18, 2022

The alert sets a number of restrictions, such as a ban on the use of wood-fired heaters and agricultural burning.
In addition, the Ministry of Education suggests not suspending physical education classes, but modifying the intensity of their activities, addressing those learning objectives and more specific contents that do not require greater oxygen consumption, ideally doing them indoors.
The inspection and program of washing and vacuuming of streets is also intensified.
In turn, the calendar of the vehicular restriction continues to govern, which applies from Monday, May 2 in the Américo Vespucio ring of Greater Santiago.
According to the calendar, for this Wednesday vehicles (cars, station wagons and the like) with green seal (catalytic) and registered before September 2011, whose patents end in 4-5, will not be able to circulate. In turn, there is a restriction for vehicles without a green seal with patents ending in 8-9-0-1.

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