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Mr. Director,
In our country and in the world, the mechanisms for the protection of intellectual property have been key for thousands of creators to have been able to develop and exploit their ideas. Without it, all those creative projects would not have enough protection to seek to be part of the cultural heritage of each country.
For this reason, we greatly appreciate that the discussion on the relevance of intellectual property and copyright are on the media agenda, as well as in the debate of the Constitutional Convention.
For our industry, deepening the protection of intellectual property is a key element to continue growing and promoting the Creative Economy, a sector that today represents 6% of global GDP, according to Data from the United Nations.
The call we make is to move towards a greater institutionality in the matter, which provides tools that allow to enhance creative goods, value them and project them into the future, balancing the interest of innovators and the public interest.
This is also in line with what has been pointed out by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) of the United Nations, of which Chile is a party, and which indicates that the Intellectual Property system seeks to promote an environment conducive to creativity and innovation, understanding that ideas or creations are part of the intangible assets that drive the profitability of a company or an institution.
Alejandra Ferrari
Executive Director
Chilean Advertising Association (ACHAP)

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