Martin Lousteau and Carla Peterson travelled to Rome invited by U2’s Bono

In recent days, a video surfaced where the senator, Martin Lousteau, was seen acting as a translator between the U2 singer, Bono, and Pope Francis. However, little is known about the trip to Rome made by the new candidate for Head of Government of Buenos Aires with his partner, Carla Peterson, as guests of the brand new Irish singer with whom the senator maintains an old relationship of affection. During his stay, in addition to participating in a meeting with young people held at the Urbaniana University, in Vatican City; According to sources close to Senator Lousteau, Peterson and Bono “agreed on the vision they have about caring for our environment, real gender equality, war and the need for speeches and looks that combat the fairy tales of populism throughout the world.” In addition, Peterson and Bono talked on a beautiful terrace in Rome about artistic life, recognized both admirers of Joyce and Beckett and deepened their talk about the passion and love for art that both feel. Then the actress surprised her father, who was in Buenos Aires, with a video call in which they had a cordial conversation with the leader of U2.

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