How to avoid and treat the flu from pets with homemade measures?

Dogs like to play in the street regardless of the time we are in. But do you know that dogs catch colds just like humans? Now that the drop in temperatures arrives and winter is gradually approaching, we must exercise extreme caution with the constipation and colds of our pets. For the same reason, Katherine Núñez, veterinarian of, gives the following homemade tips to avoid and treat the flu.
Avoid bathing them so often: As in the case of babies, if they bathe them they must make sure that there are no drafts. Also what helps a lot to avoid the flu, is the KC vaccine that is the one that helps us against bronchitis tracheus.
Give them plenty of water: “The consumption of water helps to dilute the mucus and so our pet can breathe much better. In the event that you have a fever, the consumption of liquids will help us lower it, improving your condition, “explains Núñez.
Let the dog or cat rest: When they’re cold, they don’t want to do anything.  They only think about sleeping and that benefits them to renew the immune system.
Moisten the environment when they are congested: When the owner showers with hot water, enter the bathroom with them, since the steam helps them to make a type of nebulization and will allow them to breathe much better.
Place damp cloths in the area where the skin is visible: To lower the fever, it helps a lot to place the damp cloths in the abdomen area. It is essential to consider that these symptoms can last up to 15 days.
“It is always important to consult with the veterinarian about the products that can help us to reduce the discomforts of the flu or to avoid them. There are multivitamins on the market such as Glicopan, Organew, Vetinmune, Inveade, among others, “concludes the specialist.

Food is also a fundamental aspect for the healthy life of your pet, to increase their defenses and avoid possible diseases.

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