Mendoza must compensate a family for malpractice

A civil court forced Mendoza to compensate a family for a case of malpractice in a newborn baby. The incident occurred in 2015 in a public hospital located in the department of Tunuyán, in the north of the province. The Fourth Associate Management Court accepted the family’s claim against the Scaravelli hospital and the province of Mendoza, and sentenced them both to give them an approximate sum of 30 million pesos. According to the experts, the lawsuit was for “damages” due to the poor care, after the birth of the little girl, which caused brain damage and 100% disability. “The injuries sustained produced an incurable disease, with loss of mental and physical health, and a uselessness for permanent work,” said an expert in the case. The girl was diagnosed with physiological jaundice and not pathological jaundice. This result caused him total disability as a result of an incurable disease. As the days passed, they determined a picture of kernicterus. This is a type of brain damage that occurs due to high levels of bilirubin in the blood in the newborn. As it is a first instance ruling, the sentence that was handed down this week can be appealed.  

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