Venezuelan opposition ratifies its call for “true” unity with unions

The Venezuelan opposition Carlos Prosperi ratified on Sunday his call for the unity of the anti-Chavistas, which includes different unions and civil society of Venezuela, to participate in the presidential elections scheduled for 2024. We absolutely need each other, civil society and different unions, it is time to think with political maturity and think, above all, in Venezuela,” he said, according to a press release. The former deputy indicated that it is the citizens who “have nothing to eat” who “suffer” from “mistakes” of the opposition bloc. It is time to become aware, to unite and participate, enough of continuing to do things that favor those who are in Miraflores (seat of the Presidency),” he stressed. The politician, a member of the social democratic democratic party Democratic Action (AD), indicated that they are working and touring the country to identify polling stations, polling stations and polling stations in preparation for the presidential elections. The Venezuelan opposition gathered in the Plataforma Unitaria announced on May 16 that it will choose a presidential candidate for the 2024 presidential elections through a primary election that it plans to hold in 2023. The candidate or presidential candidate of the democratic forces will be elected by a broad and plural primary process that will be held in 2023,” the platform explained in a statement. From now on, the letter continues, the opposition will begin a “deep process of consultations throughout the country” with the aim of building the “powerful mechanism” for the election of a unitary leader who tries to remove Chavismo from the power it has held since 1999.We recommend you read: The platform, made up of the bulk of political organizations that oppose the Government of Nicolás Maduro, it has the backing of opposition leader Juan Guaidó, recognized as Venezuela’s interim president by some countries. Most of these political parties did not participate in the 2018 presidential elections, in which Maduro was re-elected, nor in the 2020 parliamentary elections, in which Chavismo swept away, considering that they were fraudulent processes. Shooting is recorded at the Bus Station of Culiacán, Sinaloa

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