A former police officer has been accused of kidnapping and sexually abusing a girl

A 30-year-old former police officer was detained after being accused of kidnapping and sexually abusing a 5-year-old girl as she left a kiosk in the town of Chos Malal, in northern Neuquén province. In the last few hours, it was discovered that he filmed the moment of the abuse. The episode occurred on April 15 when the man was driving in a car, passed through the door of the store located on Eva Perón Street, got off and picked up a girl who was leaving to buy some sweets. According to local media, the defendant put the minor in the vehicle violently, causing an injury to her hand. He then threatened her and took her to his home, where the abuse would have been committed. In an interview with LU5, the victim’s grandmother said: “The girl went half a block from home to buy two lollipops at the kiosk, but she didn’t come back right away. We were looking at her, it was a minute. Grandpa went to ask the kiosk and was told that he had already bought. It was a very difficult time, a very great despair.” The girl returned around 7.30 p.m., almost an hour later, accompanied by other minors. Thanks to images from security cameras installed in a kindergarten in front of the kiosk, police were able to identify the suspect and arrest him. Prosecutor Fernando Fuentes intervened in the case and formalized the accusation for the crimes of “seriously outrageous sexual abuse in ideal competition with illegitimate deprivation of liberty doubly qualified by the age of the victim and for being the author a police official, all in real competition with the crime of minor injuries aggravated by mediating gender violence.” The former policeman also had his cell phone kidnapped and it was announced from the Public Prosecutor’s Office that, after examining him, a video was found that details how the events happened. The subject had been exonerated from the police in March 2021, after being accused of dissemination and possession of child pornography.

In addition to this fact, the complaint of a mother is added, who said that the defendant had shown his genitals, from the window of his home, to his two daughters, for which the Public Prosecutor’s Office decided to reformulate the accusation and caratular the case as “abduction qualified by the age of the girl, sexual abuse with carnal access, production of pornographic images qualified by the age of the girl, minor injuries aggravated by mediating gender violence and aggravated obscene exhibitions.”

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