They create the first travel assistance insurance designed exclusively for young people

The hardest times of the pandemic seem to be behind us and with them, travel restrictions, especially for the young segment. Without going any further, in several Latin American countries a culture of adventurous tourists, backpackers who seek to travel the world and who aspire to long-stay trips to know new cultures or simply enjoy leisure has been established, a phenomenon that has been reactivated with the lifting of restrictions due to COVID-19.
In fact, according to the World Tourism Organization, during the last decades young tourism has become widespread in the world, going from 136 million trips in the year 2000, to more than 300 million in 2020, This explosion has meant a boost for the industry and also a challenge for companies dedicated to Travel Assistance Insurance, to evolve and adapt to a new profile of younger travelers and that, in many cases, has a lower purchasing power.
In this context, a group of experts in the field of travel assistance created Go! Travel Assistance., travel assistance recently launched in Chile, and which is aimed exclusively at the passenger segment between 18 and 40 years old, and that can be purchased for any destination, with the option of hiring it with or without deductible (co-payment).
“A few years ago we identified a large number of young people, in Argentina, Brazil and Chile, who were permanently in search of traveling and living new experiences. They are usually “digital nomads”, that is, they love adventure, but they want to do their health and safety operations in an agile, virtual way and avoiding complexities. For this reason, we develop simple, accessible accompaniment alternatives that also meet all the standards of assistance to the traveler, “says Adriano Muñiz, regional commercial manager of the initiative.
In addition to its expertise in “adventurous travelers”, the company has other types of insurance for long stays, highly requested by young people who move for work or study reasons, for example, through Working Holiday programs.  Thus, passengers can opt for Low Cost and Full fares, which provide protection regardless of the destination, its purpose, its duration, or the current state of health of the insured.
“Regardless of the type of trip and its duration, it is important to continue taking care of ourselves when we visit another country, since each one has rules to which we must adapt. Today many nations have implemented strategies with the purpose of reactivating tourism, something that we must value and respect to continue traveling, “emphasizes the specialist.
According to recent international studies, for example carried out in Spain, one of the aspects that most worries young people when traveling, is indeed their health. Likewise, another analysis determined that in 2021 about 74% of young travelers took out travel insurance, a figure that increases in times of uncertainty, so today this type of assistance has been incorporated as an “essential” in the mind of the current traveler.
Not everything is covid-19

Although today the pandemic is the main concern when we travel far from home, this insurance provides medical assistance coverage for both accidents and Covid-19; drug costs; loss or theft of luggage, in addition to sanitary and funeral repatriations. The value will depend on the type of product and the amount of time.

For example, 16-day insurance costs $34 ($28,492) and no deductibles cost $45 ($37,710); if the period is for 30 days, the price, with co-payment, rises to US$54 ($45,252) and the option that does not contemplate it, to US$71 ($59,498). In the case that you seek to be protected for 60 days, the amount rises to US114 ($95,532) and US$149 ($124,862), without deductibles. Meanwhile, to be covered for a full year, the cost rises to US$396 ($331,848) or US$514 ($430,732), in case you do not want to pay a co-payment.
Currently, Go! Travel Assistance is present in Spain, Mexico, Argentina and Uruguay, and recently in Chile, with more than 60 collaborators who advise about 600,000 travelers a year, providing information on vaccines, requirements, visas, advice and any necessary procedure to travel anywhere in the world.

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