Senator Lashes Out at Baja California Governor for Supporting Durango Campaign

Baja California.- As unacceptable described the PAN senator of Baja California, Gina Andrea Cruz Blackledge, the fact that the governor of the state, Marina del Pilar Ávila Olmedo, has left last Sunday to Durango to support the campaign of the candidate for the governorship of that entity, Marina Vitela.De agreement with the PSN online portal, The senator indicated that it is a mistake what the state president did because she must assume her responsibility by remaining in Baja California as governor, since it is not because it is Sunday she stops working. Gina Cruz stressed that while the governor was in Durango, the offices of the Institute for Real Estate and Housing Development (INDIVI) in the municipality of Ensenada were set on fire, in addition to strongly criticizing the little action of Ávila Olmedo to resolve security issues. He said that in the Mexicali Valley, the wave of murders during the day are in order, which is unacceptable, so there must be a responsibility for the lack of attention in the area. We recommend you read: Finally, the senator said she does not know if the PAN could file any appeal against the governor, since she has not had communication with the president of the party, but she has seen in some statements that there are proposals to do so.

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