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My poetic soul and my profession as a theologian play tricks on me in legal matters. Although, if I think about it calmly, it may be an opportunity. The Constitution is eminently a legal and political instrument and, as such, its language must account for the framework in which it develops.
While it is written for all citizens, not everyone feels “inspired” and motivated by either the lyrics or the background. I will be quickly criticized that a Constitution is not intended to “inspire” or motivate, but to establish the political foundations of a country. Effectively. And that is why I wonder aloud if it is not necessary or at least useful or in some hopeful sense to have a descent that simplifies, clarifies, mobilizes and stimulates the co-participation, reading and understanding of a text that seeks to be the foundations of a different coexistence.
Spiritual traditions also possess their “constitutions”, their founding texts, their ethical-political writings; many of them in the way of rule stipulate the basic lines of coexistence, normativity and action. Many of them are beautiful literary works, full of poetry and not exempt from a powerful and mobilizing morality. Far from me to make analogies that may not be correct. What I wonder, I insist, is whether within the socio-political innovations that we are carrying out in these historical times for Chile and so hopeful for the last, the faceless, the “nobodies” of our societies, it would not be interesting to think of a brief companion for the New Constitution. All this if approved, logically.
A colleague who, in the manner of a “Letter of the Best Chile” motivated us to read and work, inspired us the citizen praxis based on the ethics that underlie the new document and its principles and values. A short text for an inclusive reading, where children are reflected. An ethical-political Charter that enhances the beauty and goodness that we have been building and dreaming of. To be branded as romantic, to be branded as naïve. I’m not worried. I am concerned that the harmonized and approved New Constitution is kept in some furniture without being appropriate or is a conquest for a group of intellectuals and jurists who understand each other; or worse, that young people are not interested; or that it does not reflect either in its form or in its style what “ecology” – concept and theme so present and blocked in the process – seeks to transform.
The New Constitution has the duty to be translated and the generation of an inspiring letter – poetic, concise and entertaining – can be a great instrument of company for the bases of Chile that is already brewing. Who can do this? How do we do it? These are questions that invite a beautiful and interesting challenge for the current Government, which, in addition, can allow us to socialize, hold accountable and flesh out the project-country that we hope for.

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