They raised to trial the case for the crime of Lucas González with 14 police officers accused

Magistrate Paula Verónica González, interim in charge of the National Criminal and Correctional Court 7, rejected all the opposition proposals that had been presented by the defenses of the police officers involved and thus endorsed the request for elevation to trial presented in March by the prosecutor of the case, Leonel Gómez Barbella.The lawyer Gregorio Dalbón, who represents the parents of the victim as plaintiffs, assured Télam today that “the family only expects justice and speed” and stressed that it is in a position “to initiate a historic trial, due to the number of involved and the perversity of the cover-ups.” The three main defendants are Inspector Gabriel Alejandro Issasi (41), Senior Officer Fabián Andrés López (47) and Officer Juan José Nieva (36), all of them from the Brigades and Summaries Division of Comuna 4 of the City Police, who will go to trial as alleged co-authors of the crimes of “aggravated homicide for having been committed with malice for pleasure, for racial hatred, for the premeditated contest of two or more persons and for being committed by abusing their function or position by a member of a police force.” In addition, they were charged with “three attempted aggravated homicide on the same grounds; ideological falsehood and illegal deprivation of liberty aggravated by functional abuse and without provision of the law”. Of the other 11 accused, those who held the highest hierarchy are the inspector commissioner of the Neighborhood Communal Department 4 Daniel Alberto Santana (42); the commissioner of the Neighborhood Commune 4A, Rodolfo Alejandro Ozán (53); the commissioner of the Neighborhood Police Station 4D, Fabián Alberto Du Santos (51); and the commissioner of Comuna 4D, Ramón Jesús Chocobar (47). In addition, there are Commissioner Juan Horacio Romero (50) and Deputy Commissioner Roberto Orlando Inca (46), both of the Summary Division and Brigades of Comuna 4; the principal of Comuna 4D, Héctor Claudio Cuevas (49); and the officers of the Neighborhood Police Station 4D Sebastián Jorge Baidón (27), Jonathan Alexis Martínez (34), Ángel Darío Arévalos (33) and Daniel Rubén Espinosa (32). All of them as alleged co-authors of the crimes of “ideological falsehood, illegal deprivation of liberty aggravated by functional abuse and without provision of the law, cover-up aggravated by the status of public officials and for being the precedent crime especially serious and imposition of torture”. Cueva and Inca were also accused as co-authors of “false testimony aggravated by having been committed in a criminal case and to the detriment of the accused.” Judge González also decided to keep the investigation of the case delegated to the prosecutor Gómez Barbella, so that he continues to investigate the possible participation of more involved in the fact or of those who were accused but are without merit or whose arrests were rejected. ” Beyond making it clear that the Prosecutor’s Office may continue in this same file with the investigation aimed at elucidating the intervention of other possible participants, it is appropriate to declare the closure of the investigation and raise the case digitally to the Oral Court in Criminal and Correctional matters that is drawn, “said González in his resolution. How the crime happened

The crime occurred on the morning of November 17, 2021, when Lucas González and three friends left training at the Barracas Central football club, and got into the Volkswagen Suran of the father of one of them, to return to the San Eduardo neighborhood, in the Buenos Aires town of Florencio Varela, where they lived. After stopping at a kiosk, they began to be chased by a Nissan Tiida, in which Issasi, Nieva and López, of Brigade 6 of the Neighborhood Police Station 4D, were circulating, who were carrying out field tasks at the intersection of Iriarte and Vélez Sarsfield avenues, within the framework of an investigation by a prosecutor’s office of the Public Prosecutor’s Office of the City of Buenos Aires.De according to the investigation, the police officers informed the police communications service that they were chasing a car with “four men with minor appearances, young people”, they said “that they were armed”, and crossed the Nissan Tiida to stop them. As the car of the brigade did not have any identification nor the policemen wore vests or police uniforms, the boys thought they could be thieves and wanted to escape, but it was then that the police officers shot at the Volkswagen Suran.The vehicle continued to Perdriel and Alvarado, where one of the friends asked for help from two officers, but he was arrested by them. In the car remained the driver and Lucas, who was shot twice, one of them in the head, which caused his death the next day at the El Cruce Hospital, in When Gómez Barbella requested the oral trial for the 14 police officers, he maintained in his request that “the murder of Lucas González and the attempt to the remaining three young people are the voluntary and beloved (intentional) consequence of a plan or pact previously elaborated and in which Issasi, Nieva and López, actively participated.” The Public Prosecutor’s Office said that these defendants “set in motion the institutional structure of the Police of the City of Buenos Aires by providing false data, knowing what had really happened” and concluded that “there was never ‘an armed confrontation’, but rather an attack perpetrated by the officers on the victims, irrational and unjustified, for which they used their weapons in order to cut off their lives.” Regarding the eleven officers accused of concealment, he indicated that “they were participating in the procedure, fulfilling different tasks and roles in pursuit of an ultimate goal, that is, to alter the evidence for the benefit of the consorts of cause.” For Gómez Barbella, Lucas’ three friends were arrested as part of an illegal procedure set up to hide the police attack, which included the “planting” of a weapon inside the youths’ vehicle.

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