We are not a nest of corruption, or file the complaints

With the challenge to the deputies of Morena to present the corresponding complaints, if they have evidence about the quotas within the organism, or the nepotism that they accuse, the Electoral Institute of Mexico City (IECM) announced the restructuring according to the reform approved this morning. At a press conference, the electoral councilors stressed that, although the reform approved this Friday in the CDMX Congress will cause great effects on the institute, it will be until the conclusion of the analysis organizations to implement that know well how many people will be fired and really how many resources they will be able to stop receiving. And it is that the counselor president Patricia Avendaño stressed that, unlike the other OPLEs (Local Electoral Public Body) of the country, the CDMX does not have “electoral year” and “normal year”, because when there are no local elections to organize it must still take care of the participatory budget consultation.Likewise, Avendaño stressed that, despite the cut of five technical areas ordered by Morena in the CDMX Congress, the IECM guarantees that it will continue to fulfill its constitutional tasks, while guaranteeing the protection of the labor rights of personnel who are affected by the cut. Although they stressed that, along with the review of the structure that they will carry out in the coming months, in compliance with the provisions of the CDMX Congress, they will file various appeals against the constitutionality of the reform, since certain points in particular attack the independence of the agency, given by law. However, although the members of the General Council avoided talking about figures of dismissals, since it is not yet known how many places they would have to cut, the president said that the IECM does not have the necessary budget for the payment of settlements, because it is something that was not contemplated. In this sense, they stressed that the initiative presented by the Moreno deputy Carlos Hernández, supposedly in order to generate savings by eliminating areas with “duplicate” tasks, was not analyzed in detail, because although they assure that the expense of 50 million pesos will be avoided, it is a fallacy, because neither can the staff be eliminated in the pit, since they did not contemplate the liquidations, nor can you simply throw important tasks into another area or simply stop doing them. In this regard, the counselor Bernando Valle also pointed out that the cut is a great risk for the elections, because although they do not depend on a single department, but on the IECM as a whole, the elimination of the Technical Area of Archive and Logistics will leave the General Council “blind”, because it is through it that each territorial unit informs the agency about the incidents and, now, it will take longer for the information to arrive, with the danger of going from being a real-time report, to a subsequent report. Finally, during the conference in which the majority of the councilors rejected the alleged allocations of places due to nepotism or party quotas, which those of Morena both emphasized during the legislative session of 22 hours, and in the proposal of the reform, those of the IECM stressed the challenge of “if they have evidence, that they present them”. At the same time, they stressed that, contrary to what Carlos Hernández also affirmed, the Comptroller and Prosecutor’s Unit does not have its tasks duplicated with the National Electoral Institute (INE), but both fulfill very different functions, being that the parties with local registration are only audited by the IECM. We recommend: And it is that in her turn to answer questions the counselor Carolina del Ángel Cruz highlighted, not only the professionalism of those who work in the institute, but also stressed that trusted employees are part of the professional service of electoral career, with years of experience as support, while the administrative enter by opposition exam through a public call, also denying the hiring of relatives. After 12 hours of session in CDMX Congress, the organizational future of the IECM continues in suspense

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