With the participation of outstanding artists, “We Rock Girls Argentina” arrives

The musical project “We Rock Girls Argentina”, which brings together almost a hundred artists performing one of the anthems of Ronnie James Dio, “We Rock”, will be released on June 18 at The Other Place, where the video clip will be premiered worldwide. The producer Leo Gatti, who developed the work of “We’re Stars Argentina”, where in 2019 a good part of the collective of local heavy metal musicians, was in charge of carrying out this event. In fact, he commented that the idea was born by decantation immediately one after the other, thinking of demonstrating and exalting with the national talent the rock / metal regardless of the genre.

The project included the participation of established artists such as Patricia Sosa, Lula Bertoldi, Brenda Martin (Eruca Sativa), Gabriela Sepúlveda (Boanerges) and Carina Alfie. In addition, there will be several recent promises, representatives of different provinces of the interior of Argentina and there will be participation from abroad, since the artist Evelina Rolón, who resides in Sweden, is part. This group of artists will give life to the energetic song “We Rock” by Ronnie James Dio, a classic piece of heavy metal music that represents a universal language that unites us and invites us to rock.

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