CharlyHuman: “It was quite hard the regular phase of the tournament to reach the playoffs of this eLPF”

This Saturday the playoffs of the 2022 Professional eLiga are played, organized by the LPF eSports and the Professional Video Game League (LVP), which grants the two places to participate in the FIFA Global Series of EA Sports. This instance of the contest will have the presence of San Lorenzo, Tigre, Lanús, Racing, Argentinos Juniors, Colón, Aldosivi and Newell’s. Among these teams, the “Academy” stands out, with its representative Carlos Cejas (CharlyHuman), a player with a lot of experience in the esports environment, since he was part of San Lorenzo de Almagro and New Pampas, a cast sponsored by Guillermo “Mago” Coria. In fact, the Argentine knows what it is to play final instances of important tournaments, since he comes from disputing the definition of the eLibertadores with Essentials Gaming. 
In the run-up to this final instance, Filo.News reached out to Charly to understand a little more about this new professional league. Filo.News: How is the preparation prior to this type of competition?   CharlyHuman: The truth is that the preparation to face these competitions is always too detailed, a lot of focus on the details more than anything else, also the mental is worked a lot, to reach optimal in all aspects. Filo.News: What does it mean to represent an institution as big as Racing?     CharlyHuman: Representing a club as big as Racing honestly is something very nice, that they trust one to represent them is something that gratifies the work done in this time and I hope to be able to return the confidence that they give me. Filo.News: Did you find it difficult to make the playoffs? What was the most difficult match of the regular stage? CharlyHuman: It was quite hard the regular phase of the tournament to reach the playoffs of this eLPF, I consider that I had many ups and downs in the course of it, but I knew how to take it forward to be able to be in the playoffs that is already a separate tournament for me, the hardest crossing of the regular day I consider was the one I played vs Newells, which was defined in golden goal. Filo.News: Your rival in the quarters is Lanús How do you see him as a rival? CharlyHuman: My quarter rival that is Lanús, who is represented by Valen Mazzalupo the truth is that he is one of the most difficult rivals of the tournament, Valen is my partner in the selection, we know each other a lot how we play and I consider that it will be a great match that hopefully I can give my best version and take the victory. Filo.News: In case of moving to semis your rival can be Tigre or San Lorenzo, do you expect any in particular? CharlyHuman: In case of advancing to semis, for a matter of how the season was of each one so far I think my rival would be San Lorenzo, it is a great friend of mine who represents them, and it would be hard to have to cross it but in the competition there is no other times and can only win 1.Filo.News: Who would you like to reach the final with?  CharlyHuman: In case of reaching the final I would like it to be with Newells, since he is my teammate in Essentials Gaming and at the same time I know that he works a lot, and he deserves a positive result in this tournament. Filo.News: Beyond your present, what long-term goals do you have?   CharlyHuman: I always tried to keep my head in the present and not think much about what comes next, but my long-term goals are always to overcome my results that I am getting, and I always work for that, to always go as far as possible and be able to demonstrate everything that my team and I dedicate to it being at the top. Filo.News: If you had to explain what esports is for someone who isn’t in this world, how would you do it? CharlyHuman: Esports is an electronic sport, which is not only playing well and competing in a game, but also being prepared to do it not only at a sporting level but also at a psychological level, which in my opinion is the main aspect, it requires a lot of training prior to each competition, and a mentality too worked to be able to perform 100%. Filo.News: Why do you think that in recent years there has been an exponential growth of esports nationwide? CharlyHuman: I think that in recent years there was a great growth in esports in our country because everything began to be professionalized a little more, many people were encouraged to get more involved, both players and teams, and also because seeing the results of our region, we are given more opportunities to continue this growth that we have been having. Filo.News: What do you think of this league format in parallel to the Professional Football League? CharlyHuman: This league format that is made just like the professional football league the truth is that I see it as very good for our competition, since it does notSotros we are playing on behalf of a club, but in a different way, and to be able to bring the competition format to our video game is something that is very innovative. Filo.News: Do you think you can attract people outside the esports scene but football fans? CharlyHuman: I think you can attract people outside of esports but passionate about football through esports, because we are representing a football team, in a football game, and that has many emotions similar to those of real football, obviously you live differently. From 7:00 p.m. you can follow live on Youtube, Twitch and Facebook channels.Charly’s match (Racing vs. Tigre) will take place at 20:10.

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