Larreta: “We are working with the intention of returning to govern the country”

The head of the Buenos Aires Government, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, said on Saturday that his decision to participate as a presidential candidate in the 2023 elections, and in the open, simultaneous and mandatory primaries (PASO) “does not depend on whether Mauricio Macri or any other is presented.” I will make my decision at the time I have to make it. The discussions that occur when more than one aspires to an office are defined by the people. There is no fight there, there we are going to a PASO,” Rodríguez Larreta told CNN en Español. In this way, the official expressed his decision to go to an internal within the opposition coalition Together for Change (JxC) to define the next presidential candidate in the 2023 general elections. For its part, radicalism confirmed yesterday at its National Convention its intentions that a radical occupy the Presidency of the Nation in the next period, as well as in the head of Government of the City of Buenos Aires. The willingness of one to present himself does not depend on another showing up,” said the head of the Buenos Aires government. In addition, Rodríguez Larreta pointed out that within JxC “there may be some discussion and some nuances,” although he assured that “in the values they are all united.” Today we are working on Together for Change with the intention of returning to govern the country. But it is also important that the project is around a plan. I am convinced that Argentina has a lot of potential, and we are working on a plan to move the country forward,” he said. “It is essential to agree on a plan. And that’s a matter of work, it takes time. It never happened in Argentina that there is a team working a year and a half before. In the PRO, in the Pensar foundation, we have more than 100 people working with that. There are 30 economists, for example. We take it seriously and we are working from today,” the official concluded. 

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