Mara Lezama announces plan to boost the business sector

Quintana Roo.- The Moreno candidate for governor of Quintana Roo, Mara Lezama, announced concrete actions to boost investment in Quintana Roo. He reported on the creation of the State Network of Companies, to incorporate the south into the push of the north and to motivate informal entrepreneurs to abandon their irregular status and join the formality. Meeting with members of Canaco and Amexe de Chetumal and the Citizen Council 100 for Mexico, he assured that the generation of wealth of the business community benefits the entire society of Quintana Roo. To this end, security in businesses and commercial areas will be reinforced, local suppliers will have preferential treatment and there will be a comprehensive infrastructure plan according to the ambitious project.” Security concerns us and there is already a plan to recover it. Rather than knowing what led us to violence and social decomposition and wasting time in seeing who was at fault, we will do what is appropriate to recover peace and we will work on the origins of the violence,” he said. He recalled that amlo’s vision of promoting the southeast will be worked on, in particular, he pointed out the generation of jobs that the construction and operation of the Mayan Train will leave.In the strictly tourist aspect, he proposed to channel the visitor who arrives in Cancun to different routes related to the natural wealth of the area, as well as the Government of Mexico will be asked to allow access to archaeological zones hitherto unknown to the general public. We recommend you read: For the positioning of Chetumal as the Quintana Roo capital of culture and the arts, Mara Lezama promised to work together with the Tourism Promotion Council of Quintana Roo (CPTQ) for the beautification of the area in order to create spaces that disseminate the vast history of the municipality and make the destination attractive for tourism in Latin America, United States, Canada and Europe.

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