Sentenced to ten years in prison to “El Babas” in Guanajuato

Acámbaro, Guanajuato.- Antonio “N”, alias “El Babas”, is sentenced to ten years in prison, the 41-year-old man has been sentenced for abusing a minor victim with a mental retardation disability, in Acámbaro, with deception Antonio “N” made his victim believe that he was “his girlfriend” and sexually assaulted her. The Attorney General’s Office of Guanajuato, through the Comprehensive Care Unit for Women, integrated an investigation folder for this case in April 2018.  The facts: In Acámbaro, Guanajuato, “El Babas”, followed his victim a minor, when she went to the store and observing that there were no people nearby, introduced her to a building and sexually assaulted her. The girl suffers from mental retardation, this condition of the victim was taken advantage of by the defendant to make her believe that she was his girlfriend and thus force her to perform the sexual act, in an assault for those who do not have the ability to understand the nature of the acts consummated. On June 18, 2018, agents presented before a judge the defendant identified as Antonio “N”, alias “El Babas”, for the crime of spurious rape, committed against a minor victim. We recommend you read: Sentence: “El Babas” has been sentenced to a decade in jail and will not be able to leave on bail, he will have to face the custodial sentence and the suspended sentence, as well as the substitutes of work in favor of the community and semi conditional release. The victim has received psychological support to cope with this terrible situation.  

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