Alejandro Korn: A policeman killed a motorcycle that tried to rob a man

A police officer of the City today shot dead an alleged “motochorro” who tried to rob a man, in the Buenos Aires town of Alejandro Korn, and was apprehended for homicide while investigating whether he exceeded his actions, police and judicial sources reported. At least two criminals, one of them armed, were riding a motorcycle and tried to steal a similar vehicle from a man who was passing through the place. The maneuver was noticed by a member of the City Police who was dressed in civilian clothes and in his car with his family. According to the sources, the policeman braked his vehicle, got out and gave the voice of stop to the “motochorros”. In these circumstances, an armed confrontation took place that ended with one of the criminals killed at the scene. Meanwhile, his accomplice fled and, after being identified, was finally arrested. What happened is investigated by the prosecutor Karina Guyot, in charge of the functional unit of Instruction (UFI) decentralized of San Vicente, who ordered an emergency search in the house of the detainee, surnamed Coronel, where the motorcycle in which he was circulating with his accomplice, a helmet and part of the clothes used in the event were seized. Prosecutor Goyut ordered that the experts at the scene be in charge of the National Gendarmerie (GNA) and that the body of the deceased young man be transferred to the Institute of Forensic Sciences of Lomas de Zamora for the corresponding autopsy.” Several shell casings were lifted but the number of shots has not yet been established,” the investigation added. For its part, the cash of the City Police was apprehended for the crime of “homicide” until the prosecutor determines whether or not he exceeded his actions. While Coronel was apprehended for the crime of “aggravated robbery by the use of a weapon in degree of attempt”, for the attempt to steal the motorcycle.

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