First suspected case of monkeypox in Paraguay

The Ministry of Public Health and Social Welfare of Paraguay reported the appearance of the first suspected case of monkeypox in the country. It is a woman, of legal age, resident of Asunción and with a history of travel to África.Al return to the country, the woman experienced striking dermal injuries so from the health portfolio they decided to activate the protocols. In that sense, although he is in stable health conditions, he is under home isolation under the control of the Directorate of Health Surveillance.

The Deputy Minister of Comprehensive Health Care, Hernán Martínez, explained that the corresponding studies have already been carried out, which are being analyzed. In that way, he explained “we will be waiting for the results to confirm or rule out if it is the disease and in a timely manner we will be making known to the general public.” At the same time, he added “all the protocols have already been activated and the corresponding blockades were established to avoid an eventual contagion with the disease, since the patient is considered the first suspicious picture in Paraguay and is already isolated, in addition she does not present a history of risk.”

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