Modification to the budget of the INE corresponds to the Chamber of Deputies: AMLO

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador assured that the federal government cannot modify any budget of the autonomous bodies, such as the National Electoral Institute, since it is an exclusive faculty of the Chamber of Deputies.
The statements are given after the First Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN) invalidated the budget granted by the Chamber of Deputies to the INE, by not justifying the cut to the amount that the autonomous body had requested.
At a press conference, the president said that if there is a resolution of the Supreme Court on the budget of the INE, who must attend to it is the Chamber of Deputies.

“In the case of autonomous bodies, they send us their budget, the INE, the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation, the Bank of Mexico and we integrate those budgets into the general budget and they are sent to the Chamber of Deputies. We cannot change the budget sent by the autonomous bodies. Who has the power, the legislative branch,” he said.

After yesterday the @SCJN invalidated the budget granted by @Mx_Diputados to the @INEMexico, @lopezobrador_ says that the one who has to address the issue is the Chamber of Deputies itself since it is “exclusive power” of the legislature.
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Franciscan poverty will be passed: AMLO
President López Obrador warned that in terms of budget the government will give “another twist” because it is necessary to give “more money to the people.”
He pointed out that it will be reviewed if it is possible to move from “republican austerity to a higher phase that could be Franciscan poverty.”
He reiterated that there can be no rich government with poor people; “Why do they get into public servants if what they want is money,” he said.
Yesterday, when resolving a constitutional controversy promoted by the INE against the Chamber of Deputies and the president, the Court warned that the cut of more than 26% to the requested budget compromised the functions of the National Electoral Institute, which “could result in a violation of fundamental rights of a political-electoral nature.”
In addition to invalidating the budget, the Court instructed the Chamber of Deputies to analyze and determine “what corresponds to the preliminary draft budget.”
This is despite the fact that the consultation on revocation of mandate has already been carried out, an exercise for which the INE had requested additional resources.
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