Santoro on the departure of Kulfas: “The decision was the right one”

The Buenos Aires legislator of the Frente de Todos, Leandro Santoro, said that Kulfas was a “good minister” and endorsed the decision of President Alberto Fernández: “You cannot allow there to be off, and less than a minister, against the government itself.”
“Matías Kulfas was a good minister who helped a lot to the economic recovery of Argentina,” the official said. During a conversation with Radio Rivadavia, Santoro said: “You cannot allow there to be off, let alone a minister, against the government itself. Alberto’s decision was the right one.” In this same line, the legislator said: “One thing is the off and another the statements in on. To me, the offs speaking against any comrade seems to me to be unacceptable.” The statements in on have another problem, which are the disqualifications people and the chicanes. Situations that I try, in my case, not to fall. But it’s not the exception, it’s the rule,” Santoro said.As for the decision to incorporate Daniel Scioli into the Ministry of Production, Santoro stated, “I think the addition of Scioli makes me very happy. He is a man concerned about production, employment, who did an excellent job in the Argentine embassy in Brazil.” 

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