For the first time in two months: Covid-19 cases fell

Coronavirus cases fell for the first time in nearly two months. In the last week, 46,045 positive cases of Covid-19 were registered, 10% less than the previous week, when 51,776 had been reported. This was reported on Sunday by the Ministry of Health. On April 17, when reports began to be weekly, 8,387 infected were reported. Since then, a sustained increase in infections has been observed: on April 24, there were 11,307; a week later, 11,443 (1% more); then, 17,646, 54% more than the previous week; on May 15, 33,989 were reported, a jump of 92%; 22 were 43,487 (increase of 27.9%); and last week 51,778 (19% more). Last week, Buenos Aires Health Minister Fernán Quirós had pointed to a slowdown in infections and said the fourth wave was close to ending. In the past seven days, 84 deaths were reported. This represents a 31% increase over the previous week, when 64 deaths had been reported. In the latest report, 344 people with coronavirus were hospitalized in intensive care units, while the percentage of ICU bed occupancy nationwide amounted to 43.1%.

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