The emotional post of Eliana Demo after the death of El Noba for her daughter: “How nice everything that Daddy left you”

All Florencio Varela was very moved by the death of El Noba, who this weekend, in the middle of a caravan, accompanied the remains of the musician with his daughter Alin and Eliana Demo to the Thevenet sports center, in the southern party of the Buenos Aires Conurbano to offer him the last goodbye.

The images of the girl, being escorted by a crowd of cars, friends, fans and family was portrayed in a video that her mother, Eliana, uploaded to her networks accompanied by an emotional post. You are very strong my daughter, proud of you and how you banked it! Mommy and Daddy will always be by your side. Only now Dad takes care of you and looks at you from the sky. You will be able to with every princess and you will never lack anything,” Eliana begins by saying.And adds: “How nice everything that Daddy left you and all the affection of the people who send you strength from day one. Infinite thanks to the fans for all the love they showed my daughter and made everyone a little lighter this hard day for her. That’s what Lauti would have wanted,” he said. To close he wrote: “Give her all the strength your daughter needs to continue without you. Until then Lauti and we are going to see each other again and hug proud of our daughter … You rest in peace, I take care of her (and I will always show you all this so that you never forget how dear Daddy was by so many people),” he concluded.

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