A great challenge for workers to access the purchase of housing in Sinaloa

Culiacán, Sinaloa.- A real challenge for the average working class has become to be able to access the purchase of housing in Sinaloa, this in the face of the deficit of economic houses that you have, which has caused that the credits are insufficient. Alejandro Choza González, state president of the National Chamber of the Housing Development and Promotion Industry (Canadevi) explained that the state is currently immersed in a serious problem for workers due to the 30 percent deficit of social housing, since the average price of houses in 2022 exceeds one million pesos. He recalled that the increase in property prices that is taking place significantly in recent years, is a globalized effect derived from the rebound in the price of inputs for construction that the pandemic brought, especially cement and steel, since the rise in house prices is also around 30 percent. “If we go to an average price of 1 million pesos, we would be talking about the houses going up to 1 million 200 or 1 million 300,” he said. The president of Canadevi explained that social housing deals with houses that consist of a few meters of construction, between 40 to 50 meters in total, which has ceased to be economical offering above 550 thousand pesos, unlike a few years ago that these properties were sold between 200 and up to 300 thousand pesos on average, Despite the lack of cheap housing and the insufficiency of the amounts of credit to cover the prices of the houses, Choza González assured that the demand for purchase is still very high and does not present falls with the increase in costs, this due to the lack of housing projects that are available. Rossy Delgado, president of the Association of Real Estate Advisors of Sinaloa (Aisin), explained that in the state capital is where the deficit of economic housing is concentrated, since it is difficult to find a house below 800 thousand pesos, and sales are made above one million 500 thousand pesos. We recommend you read: “It is advisable whenever you approach an advisor, a real estate, also a construction company of course, but what is the difference, that the real estate will give you a high range, it will extend the range of options, and the construction company only its project, “he recommended.

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