Patricia Bullrich: “Argentina is going to have to get out with the savings of Argentines”

The former Minister of Security, Patricia Bullrich, said that she has the solution to get Argentina out of the economic crisis it is going through and maintained that “we are convinced that Argentina will have to leave with the savings of Argentines.” In this sense, the member of Together for Change said that “capital will not come for a while” to the country and added: “Then, with confidence, it will come. And for that we are going to have to take something that is a reality”, in dialogue with the press after the PRO summit in Olivos.In addition, he supported the idea of dollarizing the economy promoted by the libertarian Javier Milei, and argued: “The bimonetary economies have given a lot of results. For that we have to have a Central Bank with a very strong organic charter, which prohibits the issuance of currency and allows money to circulate without taxes.”

“This time we are going to go to a change that is forever. On the first day we are going to send three laws to debureaucratize, ensure the rule of law in all areas and prohibit the Central Bank from issuing currency to finance the State,” he announced in case of imposing itself in the next elections. In addition to Federico Pinedo, among the collaborators in Bullrich’s government teams are PRO leaders, such as Gerardo Milman, Federico Pinedo, Juan Pablo Arenaza, Paula Bertol, Luciano Laspina, Javier Iguacel, Fernando Iglesias and Waldo Wolff; Susana Decibe, Hernán Lombardi, Alberto Förhig, among others.

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