Cafayate: Evangelical Pastor Convicted of Abusing Woman

An evangelical pastor has been sentenced to three and a half years in prison for sexually abusing a woman in the Salta town of Cafayate. The incident occurred within the framework of a dinner that the accused shared with the victim and her daughter, where it is suspected that he intoxicated both of them to commit the abuse and that they do not offer resistance. The incident occurred on February 20 of last year and generated a revolt in the aforementioned city of Salta. The pastor, named Gustavo Reimundo Ortiz, invited a woman and the latter’s youngest daughter to dinner. From one moment to the next, both began to feel bad and Ortiz offered to accompany them to their home. Investigators suspect he previously intoxicated them. Although this data could not be verified in the trial, the hypothesis of intoxication makes sense according to the account of the victims who even stated that in previous meetings they shared with the Pastor they also felt the same discomfort and even had to receive medical attention.

Once at the woman’s house, she reported that he put her in her room and that’s when Ortiz abused her, in the presence of her youngest daughter. The fact was labeled as simple abuse and the prosecutor of the Unit of Crimes against Sexual Integrity, Ramiro González Miralpeix, claimed the penalty of four years especially when it was aggravated by being minister of worship the accused. The man arrived in custody at the trial and was eventually sentenced to three years and 6 months in prison.

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