Rodrigo De Paul celebrated his birthday with Tini

Rodrigo De Paul celebrated his 28th birthday in Buenos Aires and made his public appearance for the first time alongside Tini Stoessel. While a paparazzi had already taken some pictures of them together in Madrid, they never showed up together, until this weekend when they were seen, happy, and relaxed. Among the famous guests were Pollo Álvarez and his wife Tefi Russo, Cande Ruggeri and her boyfriend Nicolás Maccari, Alejandra Martínez and her husband Pablo Rossotti. Also from the party were Tini’s mother, Mariana, who was in charge of carrying the birthday cake and her brother Fran who was the one who organized the celebration.

“It’s a great night for me, there are everyone I love and love. I don’t know where Fran is but I thank her wholeheartedly, she took care of everything. I don’t know where Tini is, who also motivated me to have a great night today because I didn’t feel like it,” he said, to pure emotion. And he closed by extending a wish of all: “Thank you for everything and the only wish I asked for is that we come out world champions,” he said in a video. The couple was happy, dancing on the track and kissing confirming in this way the relationship that was born via social networks in October last year. According to Tini, he retired at about 5 am, while Rodrigo stayed a while longer and left the party at 6.30 with his closest friends. Look at the photos Juariu uploaded to his account

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