Schools close in El Fuerte due to coronavirus cases in the fifth wave

The closure of schools in El Fuerte began to occur due to the cases of covid that occurred in the week between teachers and students. There are ten days that will be without face-to-face classes three schools: one secondary and two primary. Classes will be held online, as in the two years when the pandemic was at its peak. THE MEASURE THAT WAS TAKEN is the right one to prevent the cases from continuing to expand in more teachers and students. With this, it is taken care that more educational personnel of these schools and students are infected. In addition, the economic expenses of caring for the disease are avoided. There are ten cases, but if the measures are not taken, in the days they can be much more because the virus spreads in an amazing way, as was already demonstrated with a trail of pain and death around the world.THE PROBLEM is not exclusive to El Fuerte, but in other municipalities of Sinaloa they are in the same. This is the fifth wave of coronavirus, which already has its consequences. In Ahome the demand for oxygen has increased, indicating that new cases are getting worse. It is making sense what was stated days ago by the head of the Sanitary Jurisdiction 01, Víctor Manuel Lim, of the possible arrival of new variants. Therefore, it is necessary that more control and prevention measures be taken, but there is lukewarmness because they do not want to adopt restrictive measures for many reasons, especially the economic one. In that sense, citizens have no other way out but to take care of themselves so as not to be infected.

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