Massa, after approving the tax relief: “Four million Argentines will benefit”

After the session in which the tax relief project for monotributistas and self-employed was approved, the president of the Chamber of Deputies, Sergio Massa, stressed today that “more than four and a half million Argentines will benefit from this tax reduction for those who work or produce.” In this sense, the referent of the Renovator Front referred to the project that will now go to the Senate and stressed that it will generate “a relief by having a lower tax burden” and thus “fight against inflation by reducing the tax pressure”,” in statements to the press. He also stressed that the first four categories of monotributistas will “have a 60 percent increase and in the first two categories will not pay the tax component,” one of the main benefits.

On the other hand, the pro-government legislator, Itai Hagman, crossed the opponents: “They systematically ask to lower taxes more and increase expenses are the ones who spend it saying that the mother of all Argentina’s problems is the fiscal deficit,” he said and commented that “you can not lower taxes and reduce expenses.” Whenever we discuss a project that alleviates the taxpayer’s tax burden, there is a discussion that in reality the tax pressure is too high and we must lower more taxes, but it is clear that you cannot reduce the state’s collection, increase expenses and at the same time lower the fiscal deficit, “Hagman closed.

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