Two trucks collide in a cumbersome way in Los Mochis

Los Mochis, Sinaloa.- A huge accident that occurred this morning on Independencia Avenue and Belisario Domínguez in the first square of the city of Los Mochis, left considerable material damage. No injuries were reported. A red pickup truck as well as a Ranger are the units involved. According to the information of witnesses and traffic, the crash happened minutes before 07:00 hours, when the Ranger van, gray color went from west to east for independence; while the red pickup truck did it from south to north on the Belisario Domínguez, but when it arrived at the cruise, it was hit by the Ranger pickup that passed the stop; after the blow both drivers lost control of the units. The Ranger still advanced a few meters, then hit some bollards (retaining walls) and the other unit made a turn, then one of the tires came off before being crossed. Witnesses called 911 to warn of the accident. Minutes later, road agents arrived who were in charge of carrying out the informative part in relation to the facts. Later they confirmed that the gray truck did not give way and that is why the crash was caused. We recommend you read: The causes of why the driver of the unit likely responsible did not respect the road sign located in that place are unknown. He was born in Salvador Alvarado, (Guamúchil) in 1978, graduated from the communication sciences career at the Universidad de Occidente in the first generation 1997-2001. Since September 22, 2004 I joined El Debate de Sinaloa. I have worked as editor of the newspaper La i in Culiacán, of the police note of the Culiacán Debate, in La i de Los Mochis and Guasave. I am currently an editor-police reporter for the newspaper El Debate de Los Mochis. I have covered clashes in the mountainous area of Sinaloa and other entities of the country. One of the most important coverages was the capture of El ‘Chapo’ Guzmán in Los Mochis, Sinaloa. I have attended different courses for journalists in Los Mochis, Guasave, Culiacán, Mexico City, Toluca and Guatemala. See more

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