Attack by hundreds of aircraft

HISTORY IN THE DEBATEJune 17, 1972 Foreign Trade officials are coming. A group of officials from the Mexican Institute of Foreign Trade will come to this town at the end of this month. The purpose is to call on agricultural producers and artisans in this region to participate in the efforts being made by the federal government to conquer new markets for our products. An advance came to make preparations for the arrival of the officials. Attack by hundreds of planes. Saigon. Hundreds of U.S. planes bombed North Vietnam, badly damaging the runways of three communist air bases, equipped with Mig fighters. The U.S. military command said its fighter-bombers carried out more than 340 airstrikes over Vietnam’s northern territory. In the closest attack on Hanoi, naval pilots flying from aircraft carriers in the Gulf of Tonkin, blew up a railway bridge and attacked various targets, including ships, bridges, trucks and airfields.
In Washington, government officials said the United States had ordered its pilots not to attack the Hanoi area for the duration of Soviet President Nikolai Podgorny’s visit to avoid possible diplomatic complications. In South Vietnam, the U.S. command announced plans to withdraw one of the two U.S. combat brigades from the war zone assigned to the defense of the Danang air base. In the parish of the Sacred Heart, the children Arturo Soto Félix and Ana María Soto Angulo, children jorge Soto, Ernestina Félix de Soto, Carlos Soto and María de Jesús Angulo de Soto, approached the altar of God to receive for the first time the bread of the angels. The communicants were sponsored by their uncles, Messrs. Ángel Soto and Francisca de Soto, who came especially from the state capital to accompany their nephews on such a significant date. At the end of the ceremony a rich breakfast was served.June 17, 1997 IFE rules out electoral fraud. The electoral process of July 6 will be a true democratic test and electoral fraud is practically ruled out by the series of mechanisms implemented to prevent it. Such is the case of the register with a photograph, where there will be no possibility of deceiving the polling officials, since no one will be able to vote if he does not appear in that register and his photograph on the sidelines, said Juan Manuel Pintado, executive member of the District Electoral Board No. 2. Respect for the vote is guaranteed with the reforms to the penal code where electoral crimes are typified. Catean house of Díaz Ordaz. Mexico, D.F. The PGR, in search of documents to enrich the investigation for illicit enrichment against Raúl Salinas, searched the house of the son of former President Gustavo Díaz Ordaz. For more than 12 hours, around 30 agents searched for accounting documents in the residence that passed into the hands of the granddaughters of the former president, after the death of his father, Alfredo Díaz Ordaz Borja. Agents continued the search while the defense announced that they will proceed legally against irregularities in the search.  

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