Faced with increased sales of motorcycles, they call on new drivers to follow recommendations to drive safely in winter

The industry continues to break records above expectations, even surpassing last year considered historic nationally. These are 28,502 total motorcycles marketed during the first five months of the year, breaking all estimates since 2013.
The statistics indicated exceed the 21,974 units sold in 2021, the 11,070 motorcycles sold in 2020, the 12,910 units sold in 2019 and the 13,170 in 2018. This is an increase of 30% compared to the same period in 2021, 157% compared to 2020 and 121% in 2019 according to the National Association of Motorcycle Importers of Chile (ANIM).
As for the “street” category, from January to May 90.7% of total sales corresponded to urban motorcycles, while 6% of the toral would correspond to competition and 3.3% would respond to all-terrain quadricycles (ATV + UTV).
Regions also continue to show a growing interest in two wheels, as the document points out. In geographical terms during the first five months of the year: 61.9% would be concentrated in the Metropolitan Region. It is followed by Valparaíso with a 7.8% stake, Maule with 5.4%, Biobío with 4.9%. In the fifth position Coquimbo with a 4.6% participation, sixth location is Araucanía with 3.4% and the seventh location is for O’Higgins with 3.3%, among the main ones.
As for the leading companies, during the first five months of the year, Honda Motor de Chile is located with 30.9%. The second position is for Yamaimport S.A. with 20.3%. The third place goes to Importadora Imoto S.A with 10.5%. While the fourth location is for Comercializadora Iron Ltda. with 9%. The fifth place goes to Comercializadora Motochile Ltd. with 8.7%. While the sixth position is for Comercial MMB Spa with a 6.2% share. The seventh place goes to Roland Spaarwater Ltda. with 4.7%.
Regarding the origin of the accumulated imported units, the ANIM reported that, until March 2022, 69.6% came from China, 20.5% came from India, 2% from Thailand, among other origins.
Tips for riding a motorcycle in winter safely
Winter and motorcycles are not incompatible, it’s just about adapting. The winter months are accompanied by low temperatures, cloudiness, rain and low visibility, so precautions should be taken to avoid collisions or accidents on the streets of the country. Take note of the following recommendations:
A tire needs temperature: in winter it takes a while to reach those degrees of optimal operation. In this sense it is recommended to drive smoothly. Of course you should check that your condition and pressure are correct.
If the helmet screen is fogged, visibility is in danger: first it is very important that you know that the screen should not have scratches and should be clean and in perfect condition. With the arrival of winter it is feasible that the screen fogs up, to avoid this situation and thus lose vision, the best solution is to equip it with a PinLock. It is a dual-screen system that prevents fog. In order to incorporate it, ANIM experts mention that the helmet must be prepared to incorporate this accessory. In the case of the rearview mirror, there are also anti-fog mirrors on the market or an aerosol with anti-condensation effect can be used.
When it comes to rain and the presence of water: in addition to using a suitable wardrobe mainly double layer, which does not hinder mobility, it is recommended to use light colors that allow to be visible. In this sense, ANIM experts recommend if the person does not have reflective elements, buy yellow ribbons.

Beware of traps on the ground: painted white lines, pedestrian crossings, fallen leaves, sewers and grates can be triggers of a fall so special care is recommended.  In that sense, ANIM experts add that another of the drawbacks in large cities can be the oil released by other means of transport in the detention area such as traffic lights. Therefore, it should be aware that near these areas there may be this liquid in the center of the roads.
At the time of braking: when the pavement is wet or wet, at the time of braking, in adverse conditions either due to humidity or rain, the important thing is to use the rear brake, since when braking only with the second is easier for the wheel to lock.
Beware of blind spots: when riding a motorcycle it is important to avoid the spots located on the sides of cars and always drive through the center of the track.
Control in the corners: the curves are one of the main challenges for motorcyclists that starts and even more so in winter, since beyond the technique, it demands a lot of practice. It is important to learn how to tilt the motorcycle in the right way, use a good trajectory and always reach a moderate speed.

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