Two people were rescued after an avalanche in Las Leñas

Two people were rescued and hospitalized today after an avalanche of snow produced on one of the professional ski slopes of the Las Leñas complex, in the Mendoza town of Malargüe, reported police and Civil Defense sources of that town. There was an avalanche and so far there are two injured who were transferred to the hospital of Malargüe, and police personnel with personnel from the complex are still being searched in the place, “said this afternoon the commissioner of the Southern District, Miguel Sánchez.The mayor of Malargüe, Juan Manuel Ojeda, also confirmed to a local media that “there was indeed an incident and the Civil Defense teams that are in the place are evaluating.” Likewise, Deputy Commissioner Andrés Oros, of Commissioner 24, said that “at 3 p.m. there was an avalanche on the Neptune runway, in the Las Leñas complex, of which there are two injured who were transferred to the Regional Hospital of Malargüe.” The personnel of the Las Leñas, police and Gendarmerie complex are working on the site to evaluate if there are people injured or who need assistance,” he added. The event occurred this afternoon on the Venus and Neptune slopes so two skiers had to be rescued by the rescue team of the place and Civil Defense product of the detachment and were transferred for better care to the nearest hospital.

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