Israel to Analyze Bullet That Killed Palestinian-American Journalist

Today, Israel’s military announced that they will send representatives to be present at the moment the United States analyzes the bullet that ended the life of Palestinian-American journalist Shireen Abu Akleh.On May 11, the woman was covering an Israeli military incursion into the Palestinian territories of the West Bank, when a bullet ended her life on the spot. Both the UN and Palestine agree that the shot was fired by Israeli soldiers, but from the country they deny it and trust that after the examinations it will be shown that they are not responsible. Israel’s military spokesman, Ran Kochav, said that as much as the Palestinian government opposes the expert report, “this is a control of the Israeli army in the American presence.” Deputy Interior Minister Yoav Segalovitz said he hopes to deny the UN and Palestinian versions soon. In a report presented on June 24, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights claimed that the bullet that killed Abu Akleh was fired by Israeli security forces. According to the Palestinian Prosecutor’s Office, the journalist died after being shot under her helmet. Israel maintained that these conclusions were inconsistent but that, even if they were responsible for his death, it was not intentional but “out of an oversight.”

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