Chris Marker Cycle at Centro Arte Alameda

Friday 8, 15, 22 and 29 July 
Alameda Art Center / Ceina Room
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Starting this Friday, July 8 at 6:45 p.m., a new cycle of Director of the Month will begin at Centro Arte Alameda, in collaboration with the French Institute.
10 years after his death, this time the chosen one is the French Chris Marker. On the first day, “The Pier” (1962), “The Sixth Face of the Pentagon” (1967) and “Letters from Siberia” (1957) will be exhibited. All in Sala CEINA, the new location of the cinema, in Arturo Prat Street 33 (steps from the U. de Chile metro).
JULY 8 / 18:45: The Pier (1962) / 28 minutes
After an apocalyptic nuclear war, the world has been devastated. A group of scientists from the victorious side concludes that the only way to save humanity is to resort to time travel: either to send a person to the past to ask for help, or to the future to find a solution to the present situation.
JULY 8 / 18:45: The Sixth Side of the Pentagon (1967) / 27 minutes
“If the five sides of the Pentagon seem impregnable to you, attack for the sixth” (Zen proverb). Chris Marker follows the demonstration in Washington of the supporters of peace in Vietnam held on October 21, 1967.
JULY 8 / 18:45: Letters from Siberia (1957) / 62 minutes
A documentary about Soviet Siberia, whose comments and images give a unique meaning to this false travel diary. Chris Marker reviews different topics: the lives of its inhabitants, the modernization of society, gold prospectors… A work dotted with digressions, such as a caricature about mammoths, an advertisement that extols the virtues of reindeer or the same scene commented 3 times with 3 opposing points of view (positive, negative, neutral).
 JULY 15 / 18:15: The bottom of the air is red (1977) / 180 minutes
In this documentary Marker dissects the social movements that emerged in many countries of the world in the late 1960s, as well as reflecting, once again, on images and memory.
 JULY 22 / 19:00: Sans Soleil (1982) / 100 minutes
Three children on a road in Iceland, a sleepy crew aboard a ferry, an emu on the Île de France, a beautiful face of the Bijagos Islands, a cat cemetery outside Tokyo, vagabonds in Namidabashi, the inhabitants of Fogo Island, Cape Verde, a carnival in Bissau… Thus begins the story an unknown woman who reads the letters sent by a camera operator, Sandor Krasna, who through the recording of the images of her travels questions herself about memory and the function of memory.
 JULY 29 / 19:00: Level 5 (1996) / 105 minutes
Laura is commissioned to finish the script of a video game dedicated to the battle of Okinawa. The objective of the game is not to modify the course of history, but to reproduce it as it was. But, while working on Okinawa, Laura will encounter on the Internet a mysterious parallel network of informants and witnesses of the battle. Thus, you will know aspects of the tragedy that will begin to interfere in your own life.

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