Stumble Guys: the clone of Fall Guys that is a phenomenon on cell phones

Stumble Guys is a clone of the popular Fall Guys that, while it was released last year with moderate success, has become a real sensation in recent weeks.
Since its re-release as a free game,
Fall Guys returned to the radar of many players and has already surpassed the barrier of 50 million users worldwide, so it was expected that the traditional clones created by studios looking to get on the horse of other people’s success would begin to appear (or reappear).
The most popular of these is Stumble Guys, a game that copies almost exactly every aspect of Fall Guys: colorful, simple-to-design characters with customization options compete on different circuits or events with other online players. Stumble Guys, created by Finnish studio Kitka Games, was released in a preview just months after Fall Guys’ debut on PlayStation 4 and PC in August 2020, before reaching the world in January 2021.

And while it went very unnoticed over the past year, for a few months now, when the arrival of the Xbox and Nintendo Switch versions of Fall Guys was announced and the relaunch as a free game was confirmed, Stumble Guys once again appeared on the lists of the most downloaded games on Android and iOS — probably motivated by users looking for a mobile version of Fall Guys.Al stumble Guys has already appeared today. It was downloaded more than 160 million devices, and generated more than 21 million dollars, in addition to positioning itself comfortably in the top 10 of the most downloaded applications of Google Play worldwide.

Stumble Guys, first in the store of our country

In fact, according to the information provided by the consultancy AppMagic, the peak of stumble Guys downloads occurred on June 25, days after the arrival of the free version of Fall Guys, when more than one and a half million users downloaded the game on mobile.

Stumble Guys also has a PC version available on Steam (unlike Fall Guys, which was decommissioned to become an exclusive of Epic Games), which according to the developer attracts 18 million players daily since its launch in October last year. In 2020 the Chinese company Bilibili acquired the rights of Fall Guys to develop a port on mobile devices that we have not heard about, and the Mediatonic studio, creators of the original, did not announce plans to bring the game to cell phones. Meanwhile Stumble Guys continues its meteoric rise.
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