The AFIP increased the surcharge for purchases abroad by credit card by 10%

The Federal Administration of Public Revenue raised from 35% to 45% the tax withholding for expenses in foreign currency with a credit card. In this way, the Government continues on the path of intensifying exchange restrictions for the US currency. The modification will begin to take effect from 12 pm on Thursday, July 14 and all operations in “tourist dollar” will have a higher perception on account of taxes on Earnings and Personal Property.The other tax that falls on this type of dollar is the PAIS tax that will continue to maintain the rate of 30%. In this way, operations with foreign currency will have a surcharge of 75% in relation to the official dollar. On the other hand, there will be no modifications in the tax burden of the “dollar savings”, the purchase of foreign currency for hoarding of individuals that has a monthly cap of USD 200. In that case, the tax burden will continue in the order of 65%. In this way, the “savings dollar” will continue to be -based on the closing quote of this Wednesday- of $ 223 (the price of the official dollar plus the surcharge of 30% of the COUNTRY tax and the advance on account of the Income Tax of 35%). While the “tourist dollar” would be $ 237.85.According to an official statement, the AFIP decided to implement “measures aimed at strengthening the fiscal front from the manifestation of contributory capacity of different economic sectors.” General Resolution 5232 adjusts the rate of collection on account of income and personal property taxes for a set of operations in foreign currency reached by the PAIS Tax from 35% to 45%,” the statement said.

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