The crossing of Berni and Cinthia Fernández for involving L-Ghent in a crime

After the murder of the Luján club fan at the hands of barras bravas of the Alem club, Sergio Berni and Cinthia Fernández starred in a tense crossing because the model reproached the Buenos Aires security minister for having involved the singer L-Ghent. Don’t say things I didn’t say. I said absolutely nothing. Let the one who named this singer take charge,” said the official and argued that he had not given names but had spoken of “a celebrity”, who was part of the attack of the bars. For her part, the panelist of Momento D, the program hosted by Fabián Doman on Channel 13, said: “I don’t think I slip something if you don’t have evidence in something so complex,” and Berni replied: “Did you listen to the audio? What did I say? Until I have proof, can’t I accuse anyone?”

“Mr. Doman, can we talk seriously with you?” said the head of Security cutting short the model, who did not stop insisting with L-Ghent. “I just want to ask, Sergio, don’t be nervous. It’s a question,” Fernandez retorted, adding: “I don’t know who links him to L-Ghent. The one who binds him to take charge. L-Ghent’s anger, or the representative, I care about two cucumbers. I’m focused on research.” Finally, Berni confirmed that in the next 24 and 48 hours Buenos Aires politics should have identified those who are the authors of the crime.

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