Meet the spectacular mansion of Danna Paola in CDMX (PHOTOS)

Danna Paola has become one of the most important young actresses globally because since her starring role in the Netflix series, Elite her career has prospered significantly. It is for this reason that many of the fans who saw the girl originally from Mexico City grow up who saw the spotlight in novels such as “Vivan los Niños”, “Amy la niña de la mochila Azul” and “Dare to dream”, have had the concern to know a little more about Danna Paola.One of these topics for which her followers are eager to know, is how is the luxurious mansion of Danna Pala in Mexico City since since she maintains working relationships in Spain and her country of origin, the 27-year-old has decided to have a more familiar space for her where to keep her things. While Danna Paola has not fully shown each of the spaces of her luxurious home. To know her home it is enough to immerse yourself in the social networks of the actress and singer, since she frequently publishes videos and photos where the beautiful ones are appreciated. In the shared images you can see that her house has a large garden with swimming pool, a concina with granite cover and large spaces suitable for her to feel comfortable. Other aspects that stand out in the house of Danna Paola are the luxurious finishes and the minimalist style that give a sober and elegant touch to the mansion. You may also be interested in Other elements that can be seen, are various ornamental decorations such as plants in corners and furniture in wood color that give a more natural touch to the property.

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