Opposition launches against Bachelet by letter in favor of the Apruebo: they accuse “fake news”

In the face of the exit plebiscite on September 4, the senator of the Republican Party, Rojo Edwards, accused former President Bachelet of spreading false news with her letter in favor of the Approval for a new Constitution.
“Bachelet spreads a fake news when she says that with the Apruebo it is easier to lead transformations. The transformations could be being made today to improve pensions, reduce inflation and face crime, “said Edwards, according to Cooperativa.
Meanwhile, Senator Luciano Cruz-Coke (Evópoli) said that “President Bachelet’s letter is not surprising. She is privileged and has been all her life. Daughter of a general, twice President of the Republic, minister. And he doesn’t live in Chile, he lives between Geneva and New York.”
“He doesn’t live here. To her, that a bad Constitution is approved, or we can live in peace, the truth is that it does not matter. It’s not surprising what she writes in her letter,” Cruz-Coke lashed out.
Criticism also came from the People’s Party (PDG). Deputy Rubén Oyarzo said that “former President Michelle Bachelet in her letter says “we will have a new Constitution, because it is what citizens ask for and need. It is evident that she is outside of any national reality.”
The representative of district No. 8 also questioned the credibility of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights. “His stance loses all meaning. Michelle Bachelet ruled with enough majorities to go further and lost all legitimate options. It is not an example of presidential virtue to unify Chile and less with its option for the plebiscite. She is a faithful representative of the oligarchies and abuses of this country.”
Oyarzo also threw darts at the government of President Gabriel Boric. “The current government has been quite critical of the minorities who wield power in our country and now joins Bachelet’s words. Another one of a government with two faces,” said the legislator.

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