Moyano destroyed the PRO, after the incidents: “They want to take over Independiente”

After the assembly of members in which acts of violence were recorded in the vicinity of the headquarters of Mitre Avenue, the president of Independiente, Hugo Moyano, dissociated himself from what happened and accused the “opposition of the PRO”, which took “bars to take over the club”. In this sense, the trade unionist commented that “it was shameful and regrettable. With what happened, it became clear what the intentions are, since I understand that many of the detainees are not from Independiente,” in dialogue with Crónica TV. In addition, the general secretary of the Teamsters Union dissociated himself from the incidents, which developed after the date of the future elections was not addressed and denied that he was guarded through the back door of the headquarters.” It’s not true that I ran away. I went alone, with Yoyo (Maldonado) and five or six from the board of directors. The previous days they said that the truckers were going to come, this, the other, then as they failed that they did the quilombo,” he explained and added: “What happened is a maneuver they did to try to take over the project in some way. I have peace of mind, I am not afraid, and tranquility gives me strength.”

The director, who took office in 2014 and was re-elected in 2017, lamented the bad sporting present, but highlighted the institutional present: “The results are not given, it is true, and people are not very satisfied with that, but from there to want to make us pass like what happened ten years ago, when Independiente was in the B … That was Independiente’s worst moment, the most dramatic, the most painful,” he said. It was an assembly to vote on the budget and at no time, of the eight and a half years that we are in Independiente, there was never a disagreement, and yesterday they made disasters. The assembly was made as appropriate, respecting each affiliate and outside was this mafia, this gang, these gentlemen who intend to take over Independiente headed by (Fabián) Doman, (Cristian) Ritondo, (Florencia) Arietto and (Patricia) Bullrich, “he continued about what happened on Friday. In this context, he said: “I think she wants to take over Independiente and we believe it is because of the cups,” in an irony against the former Minister of Security and president of the National Council of pro. “Next week the dates of the elections are decided. A unity list would be the best thing for the club,” he said, ruling out appealing the ruling to the Buenos Aires Supreme Court.

“These guys want to come back with all these bars that they use to put Independiente in a really pitiful situation. All these characters who appeared appear, and in passing I sympathize with the journalists who were attacked, but those are the ones who throw the families off the courts, act like this, insulting and attacking, and believe that this is why they are more fans of Independiente than others, but it is the only thing they know how to do. Everyone is a revolutionary when they have no responsibilities. They want to take over the club and then use it as a political platform,” he said in a strong criticism of the opposition.
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