Promote the use of inclusive language in the Ministry of Public Works

The Ministry of Public Works announced on Thursday that it will begin to promote inclusive and non-sexist language “as valid expressive forms” both in documents and records and administrative acts of any state agency. This decision had already been taken by the Ministry of Health in May.

Thus, the portfolio led by Gabriel Katopodis joins the decision of the ministry headed by Carla Vizzotti and will seek to discourage the use of the masculine as a generic marker. In this way, according to Página 12, the authorities ordered the adaptation of the models of notes, spreadsheets, forms and all internal or external communication documentation so that their writing contemplates a non-binary mode of expression.

In addition, UNESCO recommends promoting the use of non-sexist language and advises avoiding the use of terms that refer to only one sex. However, in the City of Buenos Aires this is not replicated. Even from Education, headed by Soledad Acuña, they prohibited the use of inclusive language in educational establishments. The reason of the authorities in this case was that the use of “x”, “e” or “@” is an obstacle in the learning of students.

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