Dollar today: with a sharp fall, all dollars closed below $300

With the landing of Sergio Massa in the Ministry of Economy, which will absorb the portfolios of Productive Development and Agriculture, the markets closed the week with a sharp fall and all dollars were below $ 300. The blue dollar today Friday, July 29, gave up $ 18 and closed at $ 291 for the purchase and $ 296 for the sale in the exchange houses of the Buenos Aires City. In this way, the parallel quote accumulates an increase of $ 58 so far this month, after reaching 100 pesos. Like the free quote, financial dollars fell substantially. The “cash with settlement” (CCL) closed at $290, and fell about 10%. Meanwhile, the MEP also showed a downward trend in the order of 8% and ended the day at $ 279.The official dollar today closed without modifications and is achieved at $ 129.25 for the purchase and $ 137.25 for the sale, according to the screens of the Banco Nación (BNA). On the other hand, the tourist dollar, which is the dollar that the Argentine citizen pays for his purchases abroad, closed at $ 240.19.
With the arrival of Sergio Massa at the Palace of Economy all dollars closed below $ 300.

The Central Bank (BCRA) ended today with the sale of USD 140 million to contain the demand generated by the rise in energy imports. Just one business day before the end of July, the BCRA has sold more than $ 1,240 million, which complicates the goal of accumulation of reserves foreseen in the agreement with the Monetary Fund Internacional.La arrival of Sergio Massa to the Ministry of Economy brought with it “calm” to the markets that gave a little air, after several weeks of uncertainty. This afternoon the head of the Chamber of Deputies and future Minister of Economy assured that until next Monday he will not “begin to appoint or run officials”, and revealed that next Wednesday “a set of measures” will be announced.
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