Right to a healthy environment: UN

Costa Rica, Maldives, Morocco, Slovenia and Switzerland presented a draft to the 193 members of the Assembly, the most representative body of the National Organization of the United Nations (UN). Project that recognizes the human right to a clean, healthy and sustainable environment, due to the climate crisis and environmental degradation. Resolution that will require governments to provide people with an adequate and ideal environment to live in it, an action that will force to generate actions between countries to urgently improve the quality of life. Action that could accelerate a solution for those people who live in a polluted environment, do not have access to drinking water, some do not even have a management plan.” People have to understand that biodiversity is really the basis of life on this planet,” said David Boyd, editor of the United Nations ( UN). If this resolution is passed, it would be a historic change that will change the very nature of international human rights law and in the face of the environmental crisis, this decree would help to face it in a better way. Countries do not have a legal obligation, but if moral as when the right to water and sanitation was voted on in 2010, in this they could also improve in the demands for timely changes. They make human rights a priority, even in Mexico not only recognized the right to drinking water in the constitution, but also carries out alternative actions to provide drinking water to more than a thousand rural communities. It would be ideal for all countries in the world to co-sponsor this resolution and vote in favor, it would show that everyone understands how important a healthy environment is, Boyd stressed.We recommend you read: Mexico will promote actions against arms trafficking at the UN.

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