CDMX raises 42 mmdp in second quarter 2022

The Ministry of Finance of the capital said that seven of nine local taxes exceeded the projected goals for the first half of 2022.De according to the second Quarterly Report, the total income of the Capital of the Country was for 139 thousand 829.5 million pesos, which represents 9.6 percent more than had been estimated for the period. A positive real variation of 5.0 percent was registered when compared with the same period of 2021,” the agency said. For the tax item, 42 thousand 20.5 million pesos were collected only in the second quarter of 2022, an amount that exceeded 7.1 percent of what was expected and represents an increase of 4.7 percent of what was collected in the same period of 2021. the Report highlights that two concentrated almost the total collection. The Property Tax and the Payroll Tax (ISN) contributed 80.2 percent of the Tax Revenue, with 16 thousand 934.3 million pesos (7.1 percent more than estimated) and 16 thousand 768 million pesos (10.5 percent above), respectively. Another of the taxes that stood out in the second quarter of 2022, the dependency abounded, was the Tax on Public Shows, linked to cultural, sports and entertainment activities. According to Finance, by June the CDMX had already exercised and committed more than half of the City’s budget: 143,865.1 million pesos, which represented an advance of 59.1 percent. We invite you to read: The dependencies that registered a greater budgetary advance were Towns and Neighborhoods, Work, Mobility, Education and Environment.

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