Facundo Sava, after the win against Boca: “It was very exciting”

The technical director of Patronato, Facundo Sava estimated that “today’s triumph against Boca was very exciting” when his team won 3-0, in Paraná, for the eleventh date of the LPF, after being expelled by the scandal caused by Jorge Baliño against Barracas Central.In this sense, the coach highlighted the victory in the press conference offered at the Presbítero Bartolomé Grella stadium.  for everything “that happened in the week” in relation to the defeat against Barracas Central with serious refereeing controversies: “Today, with the win against Boca, was very exciting, along with all the people of Patronato in our stadium,” he said.
In this way, he recalled the defeat against Barracas, which in the fight for averages was very important: “For everything that happened to us in the week, with the defeat against Barracas Central, the rulings of the referee (Jorge Baliño) and those of the VAR, plus the arrested players, having won with forcefulness makes us happy and comforts us”, he valued the “Colorado”. On the other hand, he revealed his feelings and feelings: “I feel very proud to be at the head of this squad that in each match and training gives everything it has, so we all deserved a victory like this, forceful and against a great”Finally, the former Racing Club, Quilmes and Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata continued: “I value very much the commitment of the players towards the team, towards the club and for the fans, in wanting to get Patronato out of this difficult situation to get out of the relegation zone”, and concluded: “The support of the people of Patronato, is unique and special. That’s what so encourages us to keep going.”

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